On the fourth day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, Russia destroyed the largest airplane in the world called “ Ukraine’s Antonov-225 cargo airplane”. The aeroplane was destroyed outside Kyiv.

Crucial Points

  • According to weapons manufacturer Ukroboronprom, restoring “ AN-225 Mriya” would cost over USD 3 billion and could take over five times.
  • The aircraft was unique to the world. It was 84 meters long and could transport up to 250 tonnes of cargo at a speed of 850 kilometres per hour.
  • Missile has been named Mriya, which means “ dream” in Ukrainian.
Where was it located amid Russia-Ukraine crisis?
The An-225 aircraft was located at Hostomel Airport when Russia launched an attack on Ukrainian airport on February 24, 2022. It was destroyed on February 27.
Records of Antonov An-225 Mriya
  • As an big aircraft, it held multiple records including.
  • Heaviest aircraft ever built.
  • Largest wingspan of any aircraft in operational service.
  • It has the capability to carry up to 640 tonnes.
Design of the aircraft
The aircraft was designed to airlift Energia rocket’s boosters and Buran- class orbiters for Soviet space program. It was developed to replace the Myasishchev VM-T. The original mission and objectives of An-225 are almost similar to that of United States’Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. The lead designer of the An-225 was Viktor Tolmachev.
Antonov An-225 Mriya
Antonov An-225 Mriya was a strategic airlift cargo aircraft. It was designed by‘Antonov Design Bureau’in Ukrainian SSR within Soviet Union during 1980s. The unique aircraft was developed, as an enlargement of Antonov An-124, originally to transport Buran- class orbiters.

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