The largest electric cruise ship in the world has returned back to port in Yichang in central Hubei province, China after travelling up and down the Yangtze River for its maiden voyage.


  • This cruise ship has been powered by a kilowatt-hour massive-sized marine battery.
  • This battery has been handed by Contemporary Amperex Technology, the No. 1 battery manufacturer for electric cars in the world.
  • From the month of April 2022 this ship will be beginning commercial operations.
  • This ship will mainly be used for the purpose of conducting sightseeing trips.
  • The developer of this ship, China Yangtze Power has plans to use this electric ship as the starting point for expanding the marine electric vehicle market in China.
About the ship
The name of the ship is Yangtze River Three Gorges 1 and it’s a 100 percent electric cruise ship that has been developed and erected in China. Its main purpose will be to ferry passengers who’ll be going on sightseeing trips on the River Yangtze. This ship is 16 meters wide and 100 meters long and has the capacity to carry around passengers. On a single charge, this boat can travel for around 100 kilometres thus saving fuel of around 530 metric tons. This boat has been developed by China Yangtze Power which is China Three Gorges Corp’s subsidiary, and Hubei Three Gorges Tourism Group and costs 150 million yuan or USD$23.66 million.

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