The World Cancer Day 2022 is observed every date on February 4, worldwide.

Key facts

  • The day is observed to raise knowledge, inspire change and reduce global impact of cancer.
  • It’s celebrated with the aim of reducing misconceptions regarding cancer and prejudices associated with it. It helps people in getting right information about cancer.
  • It also offers a chance for making an impact in betterment of life of cancer cases and survivors.
Global Uniting Initiative
The World Cancer Day has been declared as a “ Global Uniting Initiative”, by Union of International Cancer Control (UICC).
Theme of World Cancer Day 2022
The World Cancer Day 2022 was observed under the theme-‘ Close the Care Gap’. The theme is each about understanding and recognising the inequities in cancer care worldwide. It seeks to identify and honor global disparities in cancer care, which is precluding people from certain economic strata full access to essential healthcare facilities and services.
History of World Cancer Day
The day was established on February 4, 2000, during World Cancer Conference for New Millennium in Paris, France. Since also, people across the world observe this day, every year. A different theme is devoted every time, in a shot to ameliorate the quality of lives of cancer cases and spread awareness on cancer, its treatment and prevention.
Status of Cancer
Cancer has come alternate leading cause of death worldwide. The top cancers affecting Indian population are breast, lung, cervical, head, neck and colorectal cancer (CRC).

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