Amaravati: Stating that the state government is playing a proactive role to bridge the gap between the industry and polytechnic institutions, technical education director C Nagarani has asked the academia to improve their relationship with the industry. She noted that all the diploma holders should be ready with employable skills by the time they leave the institution.
In a big initiative to strengthen the academia and industry collaboration, the department of technical education organised an orientation programme at Acharya Nagarjuna University on Monday. The principals and Training and Placement Officers (TPOs) of all the government and private polytechnics across the state attended the session.
Speaking on the occasion, technical education director Nagarani said that they have readied a strategic action plan for bridging the gap between Industry and Polytechnics. “We are collaborating with the local industries for providing in-house training to all the students studying in the polytechnics near their industry. We will take support from the industry to sharpen the skills of the students,” said Nagarani. She said that they were ready to bring required changes to the curriculum based on the feedback provided by the industry. “Student should learn what the industry requires. Student should come out of the institution with highly talented skills so that he could not only get the placement but also better pay,” said Nagarani.
She wanted all the principals and PTOs of the colleges to develop strong relationships with the industrialists in their neighbourhood so that they could seek their support. She said that many industrialists were feeling that they were ready not only to provide training but also to share the expertise of their senior executives provided they receive requisition from the institutions. “Industry can get the talent required from anywhere in the world. It is our responsibility to take their support to train our younger generation with the skills that world needs,” asked Nagarani.
Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (RINL) general manager N Bhanu explained that they have been extending fullest support to the polytechnic students as they have already provided training to 4417 students in the last few years. She said that they were ready to take more on board in future. Founder and CEO of Efftronics, Dasari Ramakrishna said that the growth of the nation depends on the growth of the industry. He said that the industry’s growth depends on the availability of talented and skilled youth in the state. He observed that development of any institution depends on continuous updating and development of the faculty. Prakasha Spectro cast pvt Ltd managing director Parthasaradhi, deputy director Dr M A V Ramakrishna and SBTET secretary K Vijaya Bhaskar were also present.

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