Are you thinking of starting your career in theelectronics and communicationand technological world, but scared of whether you will get enough career opportunities in the future or not? Don’t worry, as there are many job opportunities waiting for you in the future, that you can pursue after completing your studies in technology and ECEengineering from any of the top universities in Delhi. Embedded systems and the Internet of things (IoT) are some of the trending fields for students to start their careers in technological world.
What is an embedded system?
Where there is technology, there is an embedded system, but the question is what exactly is an embedded system? It is the duo of computer hardware and software designed for specific functions for the larger systems and is used in Industrial machines, consumer electronics, agricultural and processing industry devices, medical equipment, automobiles, cameras, digital watches, household appliances, airplanes, vending machines, and toys, as well as in mobile devices. An embedded system consists of hardware, software, firmware and a real-time operating system.
What is IoT?
Physical devices connected to the Internet used to transfer data and other information online are usually known as the Internet of Things. IoT is for the devices that work and communicate with the network without human action. To be more precise, devices like smartwatches and fitness bands can be considered IoT and not devices like smartphones or a PC.
Career opportunities in Embedded systems and IoT
The use of the embedded system and IoT is growing rapidly, with the increase in online viewing, the demand to manage the work related to this system has also increased. Therefore, this field is never out of work.
If you have enough skills and experience, you can get many job opportunities in the area of ECE engineering. Some of the popular jobs that you can go for after embedded systems and IoT are as follows whose main function is to update code and provide frequent reports on their actions.

  • Engineer in embedded Linux – If you are the one, who thinks, can manage the Linux operating system, and its embedded systems, then you can go for this job profile. The task of an engineer in embedded Linux is to create low-level components along with significant embedded limitations that need to be developed, test the created modules, and run the unit tests.
  • Embedded IoT application developer – Students after completing their ECE engineering courses from the best engineering university, can explore this popular field of the internet to pursue their careers. The application developer of embedded IoT is responsible to design and develop embedded software in C and C++ for various apps, verify new product solutions as per industrial demands, and make use of practices, including test-driven development, version control, mobbing, etc.
  • Cybersecurity embedded developer Electronics and communication can help you secure a job as a cybersecurity embedded developer, who helps you to keep your data safe, by designing APIs, understanding hardware security modules, public key infrastructure, transport layer security, and typical application security flaws, along with testing and troubleshooting.
  • Embedded application engineer – Manage the apps by becoming an embedded application engineer, who is in charge of managing the frameworks for embedded software, working in open source stacks and apps along with enhancing skills in various programming languages, consisting of Embedded C and Python.
  • Engineer of microcontroller firmware – Engineer of microcontroller firmware or embedded software engineer can be a good option for those, who are experienced in writing firmware for microcontrollers and are responsible for using C and C++ for designing and developing embedded software for various devices, and considering vehicle control elements along with gaming controllers.

Apart from these career opportunities, you can apply in other related fields after successfully completing your B.Tech ECE from any best engineering university, and even have the chance to get a promotion in their secured job, which will motivate you to learn and achieve more in your life.
What does Bennett offer you?
Bennett University is one of the top universities in Delhi, that had its legacy with the Times Group, and offers a plethora of courses with a wide range of specialisations, and state-of-art infrastructures, that help to enhance the learning and provide hands-on experience to the students, to make them career ready.
Bennett being the best engineering university offers you the B.Tech programmes in Electronics and Communication Engineering, which deals with the areas related to design, development, research and manufacturing IoT, 5G, Information Processing & Analytics and many more related to technology.
B.Tech ECE at Bennett comes with specialisations in Digital & signal analytics and Embedded systems and IoT, which offers you great career opportunities like Service Engineer, Network Planning Engineer, Communication Engineer, Telecom Engineer, and many more.
The field of Electronics and communication is increasing rapidly, which eventually increases employment as per the industrial demands. Due to this reason, there is always a scope of getting jobs in embedded systems and IoT, for those who have enough experience and skills needed to become an engineer in the particular fields. Hence, after completing the studies in ECE engineering, one can explore the secured and high CTC jobs on embedded systems and IoT.

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