On 28th July 2022, The Indian Navy( IN) received two MH- 6ORMulti-Role Helicopters( MRH) — Romeo Helicopters from the United States of America( USA). The helicopters were delivered by the C- 17 Special Air Assignment Mission Flight of the US Air Force at Cochin International Airport Limited( CIAL), Kerala.
These 2 helicopters are a part of the 24 MH 6ORs contracted from the USA in 2020.
The 3rd helicopter is set to be delivered in August 2022.


  • In 2020, India and the US signed 2 USD2.6 billion( worth around,000 crore) contract for 24 WH- GOR Romeo helicopters which will be built by Lockheed Martin Corporation.
  • The delivery of all 24 helicopters is set to be completed by 2025.

Key Points

  • Originally, These multiple-mission-capable helicopters would be based at Naval Air Station Garuda at Kochi, Kerala and put through intensive flying trials for integration into the Indian Navy Fleet.
  • These add to the first three MH 60R ‘ Romeo ’ helicopters delivered in the US in 2021, these are being used for training of the Indian Navy crew.
  • The induction of these state- of- the-art mission-capable platforms will enhance the integral
    anti-submarine warfare capabilities.
  • This will replace the ageing fleet of British Westland Seakinganti-submarine helicopters.
  • Indian MH-6OR
    Lockheed Martin released the first look of the Indian MH- 60R on the occasion of India’s Navy Day 2020ie., 4th December 2020.


  • The Indian MH- SOR will feature the common cockpit avionice suite.
  • The copter comes with multi-mode radar with Inverse Synthetic-Aperture Radar( ISAR) capability,multi-Spectral Targeting system, comprehensive electronic warfare and self-protection suite, Advanced Low-Frequency Dunking Sonar, GPS-capable sonobuoys, secure voice communication, SATCOM, and datalink systems.

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