Amaravati: Expressing serious anguish over the increasing number of cardiac deaths, experts suggested that using ‘heart for every heart’ is the need of the hour. They observed that taking the scientific path to diagnose the cardiac ailments in the initial stage is very crucial to prevent the untimely deaths. “No cardiac arrest happens so sudden. It is completely wrong to say that deaths are happening due to sudden cardiac arrest. The death is culmination of complication for at least 15-20 years and early detection could save the life,” said noted cardiologist Dr Ramesh Babu Pothineni.
Speaking to TOI on the occasion of World Heart Day on Thursday, Dr Ramesh Babu emphasized that going for CT Angio test and calcium score should be made as golden stand basic test to diagnose any cardiac ailment. He said that misdiagnosis and wrong medication could be avoided through the scientific advancement. He said that taking the CT angio and calcium score test have been made class-I tests in many developed nations including USA. He said that going for stress test (thread mill test) or depending on ECG was no more suggested in the advanced nations. He said that the accuracy rate in calcium test or CT angio would be around 98.5 percent while the other tests vaguely indicate the symptoms resulting in unnecessary medication for years together.
Experts suggested the state government to make best use of the advanced technology like telemedicine, tele-cordiology through the newly proposed family physician concept. The state government is keen to appoint family physicians who would be visiting every household in the state from Sankranti. “The family physician could provide treatment for simple and moderate heart-ailments allowing the specialist cardiologists to handle the critical and emergencies,” said Dr Ramesh Babu.

  • Switching to the latest technologies and scientific tests is the only way to prevent the high-number of cardiac deaths in India
  • The recent death of 22-year old techie in Hyderabad following cardiac arrest had rattled the medical fraternity
  • There are no sudden cardiac failures, cardiac arrest is a culmination of long ignored disease: Dr Ramesh Babu Pothineni
  • Going for CT Angio, Calcium score test should be made first-line treatment for accurately diagnosing the cardiac ailments
  • Youth should not ignore any symptoms of chest pain simply thinking that they are not in the bracket of cardiac ailments


  • Use Heart means to think differently to make the right decisions to act with courage. The heart is the only organ one can hear and feel. It is the first and last sign of life. It is one of the few things with the potential to unite people.
  • We want World Heart Day messages to reach as many individuals as possible to help achieve cardiovascular health for every heart: Dr Ramesh Babu Pothineni.

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