The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) publishes the State of World Population (SoWP) report annually. The 2022 version of this report has been released recently.


The recently released State of World Population Report 2022 has been titled “Seeing the Unseen: The case for action in the neglected crisis of unintended pregnancy.”

Key Findings of this report
Findings related to unintended pregnancies
Between the years 2015 to 2019, there was a rise in unintended pregnancies which numbered around 121 million across the globe annually.

Findings related to lack of contraception
There was a lack of modern and safe methods of contraception and across the globe, around 257 million women are not using such methods of contraception to avoid pregnancies. During the first 12 months of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a disruption in contraceptive supplies due to which around 1.4 million unintended pregnancies were reported.

Findings related to rape-related pregnancies
The report states that there has been a rise in rape-related pregnancies. Among women who have experienced partner violence contraceptive use is 53 percent lower. There is more chance of pregnancies occurring due to rape than consensual sex.

Findings related to abortions
A rise in abortion has been noticed with more than 60 percent of pregnancies that are unintended, and around 30 percent of all pregnancies, ending in abortion. Across the globe, 45 percent of all abortions performed were unsafe. USD 553 million per year in treatment costs is the cost of unsafe abortion in developing countries.

Findings related to humanitarian emergencies
There is a rise in humanitarian emergencies with the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war due to which many women are facing sexual violence and losing access to contraception. Studies have shown that more than 20 percent of refugee girls and women will and might have faced sexual violence.

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