In order to give Indian startups a leg up to come up with more India focused offerings the government is in the process of creating one of the largest datasets programme, which will give access to non-personal data to the entire AI ecosystem here.

“We see many opportunities that are going to be based on our domestic capabilities and capabilities that will be limited to Indian innovation, and Indian innovators. These datasets will be given access to only Indian companies and Indian startups,” said Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for electronics and IT. He was addressing the Global Fintech Fest virtually.

He said that there will be parts of policymaking that are going to be tailor-made forIndia innovators and startups. Chandrasekhar also added that some of this will also be made available for companies coming from outside India.

“The other focus of the government is on creating joint IPs and ownership between Indian startups and foreign companies, especially in the deep tech space,” he added.

Chandrasekhar also said that going ahead digital will be a significant part of our growth story of India. He also added that other than the consumer trends or startups the next few years is going to be more of AI and opportunities coming from data economy.

Despite all the growth in the startup ecosystem, Chandrasekhar said that one of the biggest challenge that the country is facing now is skilling. “Our skilling ecosystem today knows the need for reskilling. We will soon be launching Digital university which will allow a student who is already enrolled in another course to take up another course from this university at the same time,” added Chandrasekhar.

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