Recently, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) published the “Trends in International Arms Transfers, 2021” report.

Global scenario

  • In 2017-21, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Australia, & China were the five largest arms importers. U.S., Russia, France, China, & Germany were the five biggest arms exporters.
  • Top five importers accounted for nearly 38% of global arms imports during the 2017-21 period.
  • Top five exporters accounted for nearly 77% of global arms exports during the 2017-21 period.
  • The report noted that the volume of global arms transfers during the 2017-21 period was 4.6% less as compared to the 2012-16 period. However, the global arms transfers during the 2017-21 period were 3.9% more as compared to the 2007-11 period.

Data regarding India
According to the report, India is the largest importer of arms globally and in 2017-21, India accounted for 11% of global arms imports. Both 2012-16 and 2017-21 Russia was the largest supplier of arms to India. However, between these two periods, the volume of imports by India from Russia reduced by 47%. During the same period, India’s imports from France increased and France became India’s second-largest supplier of arms.

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