An Artificial Intelligence- based tool called ‘ PIVOT ’ has been developed by researchers at the Indian institute of Technology Madras( IIT Madras).


  • PIVOT is able of predicting cancer- causing genes in patients.
  • This AI- based tool will help in formulating strategies for individualized cancer treatment.
  • PIVOT has been designed to predict genes which are responsible for causing cancer.

On which model was PIVOT developed?
The PIVOT tool was developed on the base of a machine learning model, which divides genes as tumour oncogenes, suppressor genes, or neutral genes. It successfully prognosticated the oncogenes as well as tumour- suppressor genes similar as TP53, and PIK3CA. This tool is also able to foresee new cancer- related genes similar as PRKCA, SOX9 and PSMD4.

Working Mechanism
PIVOT is a machine learning tool. It uses different data, including mutation & gene expression, to prevision the cancer- causing genes. These genes are called driver genes. It helps in formulating personalised cancer treatment strategies. originally, it uses supervised model learns( ML) algorithms from known driver genes in patient. Patient data and corresponding personalised driver genes are unknown. Secondly, this tool makes use of models on multiple data types, considering the expression data, mutation data, and combination of all types of data.

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