France’s Naval Group announced that it is withdrawing from the Indian Navy’s P-75I submarine project.

What is the Indian Navy’s P-75I submarine project?

  • The Project 75 (India)-class submarines (P-75I) are a planned class of diesel-electric submarines, which are to be built for the Indian Navy.
  • Under this project, the Indian Navy intends to acquire six conventional, diesel-electric attack submarines, which will also feature advanced capabilities – including air-independent propulsion (AIP), anti-ship warfare (AShW), and other features.
  • All 6 submarines are expected to be constructed in India, under the Make in India initiative.

When Indian Navy’s P-75I submarine project was first approved?
In 1999, the Cabinet Committee on Security approved a 30-year plan for the Indian Navy to indigenously build and induct 24 submarines by 2030.
In the first phase, two lines of production were to be established — the first, P-75; the second, P-75I. Each line was to produce six submarines.

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