To support micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) to raise funds through the NSE Emerge platform, the government of Telangana and the National Stock Exchange of India has signed an MoU.


  • Under this MoU, the stock exchange, with the assistance of the State government, will build awareness among MSMEs about the opportunities for raising funds through the platform through roadshows, seminars, and workshops.
  • NSE will also assist companies with the process of listing.
  • The state government, will make it easier for MSMEs to get listed on the NSE Emerge platform by looking into ways to repay a percentage of the expenses involved in raising funds.
  • The government will also look into the possibility of establishing a government- sponsored equity participation fund to invest in the state’s fast- growing SMEs via the NSE Exchange platform.
  • This collaboration will help the MSMEs raise funding through capital markets through IPOs and get benefited as a listed entity.
About NSE Emerge platform
NSE Emerge enables SMEs to list on the stock request and acquire backing in a cost-effective manner. Crop is an effective and believable marketplace for sophisticated investors and emerging corporates in the country to connect. It provides informed investors with opportunities to invest in businesses with innovative business models, ambitious growth plans, and a commitment to investor interest and good governance.

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