China launched a Long March-8 rocket to place 22 satellites in space.


  • With the launch, China set a domestic record for the most spacecraft launched by a single rocket.
  • The rocket blasted off at the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site in southern Hainan Province. It transferred the satellites intopre-set orbits.
  • It marked the 409th flight of Long March carrier rockets.

Uses of the satellites
These satellites will be used for commercial remote seeing services, timber fire prevention, marine environment monitoring, and disaster mitigation.
Long March 8
Long March-8 rocket is an orbital launch vehicle. It has been developed by China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology. It can launch up to 5000 kg into Sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) with an altitude of 700 km. It’s based on the Long March 7 with its first stage and two boosters. It also uses existing liquid hydrogen burning third stage of Long March 3A/ 3B/ 3C and 7A as its second stage. First flight of the Long March 8 was launched on December 22, 2020 from Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site.

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