The under-construction international airport will become operational in 2024, Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister said here on Sunday.

He was addressing the Maratha Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA).

Fadnavis also said that the “industrial culture” of Maharashtra will be back on track soon.

“Every stakeholder has to unite and work hard to make Maharashtra number one again,” he added.

Fadnavis highlighted important projects like Pune Metro, EV transportation etc and said the ring road will prove to be the growth engine for the Pune region.

He said the government has acknowledged the urgent need for the Purandar airport in the Pune district and that the government is taking efforts for the same.

He also said the government is planning a logistics hub at Purandar along with the airport. There is a need to connect the and Purandar airports.

“Maharashtra’s economy should reach USD one trillion if India has to achieve the USD 5 trillion target,” the Deputy CM said.

He stressed the importance of the Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) and Mumbai Regional Development Authority (MMRDA) for infrastructure and said Maharashtra is the startup capital of India.

“15,000 out of 18,000 startups are from Maharashtra besides 25 out of 100 unicorns. We want to ease connectivity and approach to all MIDCs. We should bring more investment in the fintech sector,” he added.

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