Germany, Spain, and Greece have been facing worst of Europe’s extraordinary heat wave. Apart from that, wildfires have also ravaged the three countries.

Key Points

  • Countries have witnessed temperatures rising to record highs even before the official start of summer that’s before summer solstice on June 21.
  • The Sierra de la Culebra Mountain range in Spain is affected. Fires have destroyed almost,000 hectares. This had led to evacuation of residents of 18 municipalities.
  • Wildfires are also raging in Tarragona, Lleida, and Garraf in north- eastern region of Catalonia.
  • In Germany, wildfires have reached to 50 km southwest of Berlin.
Why do forests catch fire?
Wildfire is a major fire that breaks out unpredictably in combustible environments like dry bush or timbers. They often burn uncontrollably across a large area and length of time. Forest fires are triggered by natural factors like prolonged dry and hot weather, or lightning strikes, or human carelessness. They require fuel, oxygen and heat to grow and spread. They can be extinguished when at least one element is removed.

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