Jammu and Kashmir has get the first union territory (UT) to be integrated with National Single Window System. Further than 130 industrial services have been made online on the system. 160 further are to be added.

About the integration

The UT has been integrated to facilitate investment in the region. With this the global investors can apply for their business approvals in online mode. With this, the union territory is being linked in to a big network of partnerships. These hookups include both domestic and foreign companies. The integration will make Jammu and Kashmir more competitive.
Current Scenario
Jammu and Kashmir is right now in a new stage of development. The central government is providing focused growth in dynamic sectors similar as horticulture, real estate and tourism. The focus is substantially on increasing employment opportunities. This way, the energy of the youths can be diverted towards productive works. And their involvement towards terrorist and anti – governmental mishaps shall be reduced.
Nodal Agency
The Department of Industries and Commerce is the current nodal agency in implementing the industrial reforms in the union territory. The department will make sure the Jammu and Kashmir administration is complying to the Business Reform Action Plan, 2022 and Regulatory Compliance Burden, 2022.

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