The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia, posted that Delhi will get India’s firste-wasteeco-park.

Features of Such Eco-Park

  • The e-waste eco-part will comprise of an authorised refurbishing market as a secondary product trade market for batteries, electronic goods, laptops, chargers, mobiles and PCs.
  • Across the 12 zones, collection centres will be set up, in order to channelisee-waste.
  • The e-waste eco-park will give infrastructure, training and tools to the operators from informal sector, in a shot to groom them as formal recyclers.
  • This facility will comprise of dismantling, refurbishing, segregation, plastic recycling, material wise storage, and testing, and precious metal extraction facilities, from Published Circuit Boards (PCBs) through high- end technologies.
  • It’ll give integrated and environmentally-safe disposal ofe-waste, using innovative technologies. This will help in reduce the pollution and adverse impact on environment.
  • The conditioning in the park will be targeted towards small and medium scale enterprises clusters, which are involved in e-waste recycling. They will include refurbishment, segregation, disassembly, stocking of segregated materials such as plastics, metals, glass and components.

Crucial Points
First electronic- wasteeco-friendly park will be set up in Delhi, to handle the increasinge-waste. Dismantling,Re-cycling,Re-furbishing andre-manufacturing of the waste will be done in a safe and scientific manner.
It’ll be built on 20 acres of land.

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