The Economist Intelligence Unit( EIU) just launched its yearly ranking of supreme liveable cities of the world, and Global Liveability Index for 2022.

Key Points

  • The index highlights some significant changes as compared to Global Liveability Index for 2021.
  • The EIU ranked 173 cities on the basis of several criteria, including infrastructure, political stability, accessibility to green space, health care and crime rates.

Ranking of the countries
The top ten EIU rankings is dominated by Western European cities, including come cities in Canada.
As Covid- 19 restrictions has lifted, ranking of Calgary has increased by 18 places. It now ties with Zurich, at 3rd
Copenhagen has been listed at alternate place, slightly behind Vienna.
In the analysis ofmid-sized cities and richest countries generally fare very well.
Many top 10 cities are following minimal Covid- 19 rules. Schools, museums, eateries, and shops have all proceeded operations.

Top 10 liveable cities

  1. Vienna (Austria)
  2. Copenhagen (Denmark)
  3. Zurich (Switzerland) & Calgary (Canada)
  4. Vancouver (Canada)
  5. Geneva (Switzerland)
  6. Frankfurt (Germany)
  7. Toronto (Canada)
  8. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  9. Osaka (Japan) & Melbourne (Australia).

Least 10 liveable cities

  • Tehran (Iran)
  • Douala (Cameroon)
  • Harare (Zimbabwe)
  • Dhaka (Bangladesh)
  • Port Moresby (PNG)
  • Karachi (Pakistan)
  • Algiers (Algeria)
  • Tripoli (Libya)
  • Lagos (Nigeria)
  • Damascus (Syria)

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