The Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM) has released the competitiveness Roadmap for India@100,” which will direct India’s journey to becoming a higher-income economy by 2047, when the nation will celebrate its 100th year of independence.


  • The roadmap, which is a component of the India Competitiveness Initiative, will assist in the development of roadmaps for certain Indian states and industries.
  • It is a joint effort of the EAC-PM and the Institute for Competitiveness (IFC), and was created by Dr. Amit Kapoor, Chair of the IFC; Professor Michael E. Porter, and Dr. Christian Ketels of Harvard Business School.

Competitiveness Roadmap for India@100

  • ‘The competitiveness framework created by Professor Michael E. Porter serves as the foundation for the competitiveness roadmap for India@100.
  • The India@100 roadmap, which is based on competitiveness strategy, lays the path for India to achieve high income status by 2047 by implementing sector- and region-specific policies based on the “4 S” principles.

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