Pune: Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women (BNCA) recently organised a two-day national conference on built Environment and Beyond: Theory and Practice. At the conference. Vaishali Angal, Dharitri Wankhede, Amita Pradhan, Sanjivani Pendse including 29 scholars and 13 fellows presented their research papers, a statement issued by BNCA said.
Internationally renowned architect and professor of architecture and planning department at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, Dr. Joy Sen and Architect Habib Khan President, Council of Architecture (COA) presented the keynote speeches. The national conference was organized under the guidance of Dr. Anurag Kashyap, Principal BNCA. The convenor of the conference Dr. Aarti Verma and co-convener Dr. Amrita Garud were present on this occasion.
Kashyap said that the culture of doing research in architecture on a multidisciplinary basis has already been cultivated in BNCA with 18 teaching professors and 37 research professors. It is on this basis that we have set a broad goal of starting a research center at the local level, then the national and finally the international level. This national conference is the beginning of this initiative.
Sen speaking on the topic of the Scope of Research on Architectural planning in built environment said modern psychology and sciences are coming close to the Indian knowledge system. This has pushed the world to an understanding that we have to design our paradigm in such a way that our architecture and planning give much more than measurements, coding and pythons and is about understanding the people, culture, and ecosystems, added the statement.
Architect Habib Khan said that on the one hand universities teaching architecture abroad are coming to India but on the other hand we should not lose intelligent students who go abroad to study. On the contrary, in the coming two decades, we should make a revolutionary change in our architecture education and should continue to strive to create architects who will work for our country.

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