A mega campaign for urban farming will be launched by the Delhi government and a roundtable conference on April 25 will also be held to discuss the future course of action. A Delhi Environment Protection Committee will also be set up by the government of Delhi to make this initiative a mass movement.


  • The nodal department for the campaign will be the horticulture department.
  • Through this campaign the people of Delhi will be able to reduce the consumption of excessive chemical products in their daily life and therefore, their health will improve.

About the round table conference
On 25 April, a roundtable conference will be held with various experts to discuss how the campaign can be rolled out. Along with government officials, specialists from the Pusa Institute and other organizations will be present at the conference, which will be hosted at the Delhi Secretariat. A primary proposal based on two factors will be produced for this purpose. First, with the assistance of the Pusa Institute, training would be provided to residers of Delhi on a ward-by- ward base. There are 300 wards in Delhi.

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