National Standards Body “ Bureau of Indian Standards( BIS) ” recently developed an Indian Standard for “non-electric cooling cabinet made of clay or “ Mitticool refrigerator ”. The developed standard is “ IS 17693: 2022 ””.

Who invented Mitticool Refrigerator?

Mitticool refrigerator has been invented by Shri Mansukh Bhai Prajapati of Gujarat. The refrigerator uses an environmentally friendly technology.

About Mitticool Refrigerator
Mitticool is a clay- based natural refrigerator to store fruits, vegetables, and milk, and cooling water. Stored foodstuffs can be kept cool naturally without using electricity. These items can be kept fresh for a long time without losing their quality. Efficacy of the product is measureless. Some of the significance of this refrigerator includes:

  • It’s helping in reviving the pottery culture, tradition, and heritage.
  • It’s connecting people back to their roots in healthier ways.
  • The refrigerator is promoting sustainable consumption.
  • It’s also empowering indigent community, economically.
  • It’s working towards green and cool earth, employment generation, and economic development.
  • Lastly, it’s contributing towards upliftment and financial independence of rural women.
BIS standard for Mitticool Refrigerator
The BIS standard “ IS 176932022 ” specifies the construction and performance requirements for clay- based cooling cabinet, which uses the principle of evaporative cooling. These cabinets can be used to store and keep fresh the perishable foods, without using electricity. This standard assists the Bureau of Indian Standards in meeting 6 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals( SDGs) of United Nations, including No Poverty; Gender Equality; Zero Hunger; industry, Innovation & Infrastructure, Affordable and Clean Energy, and Responsible Consumption & Production.

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