University of Allahabad has decided to hold talks with students on the issue of fee hike, but only with “legitimate students”.

The university has formed a high level committee of teachers and district administrative officers to discuss the issue.

“Keeping in view the ongoing agitation regarding fee hike, the Honorable Vice Chancellor @UoA_Official constituted a high level committee of teachers and district administrative officers and invited the students to the North Hall for talks…The committee, after waiting for 2 hours, decided that they would be present in the North Hall on 29 September 2022 to resume the talks,” the university tweeted.

Further, it stated that the list presented by students to represent them include names of former students as well.

“…in the names presented by the students for talks, such names were presented, including former student union president Richa Singh, who are currently not students of the university, the university said, adding that talks will take place with the condition that it will not include former members of the student union, suspended students, students of other colleges or alumni.

“The university is ready to listen to the problems of its legitimate students. But it becomes clear from the list that the chaos in the campus is being spread only by some selfish elements due to their vested interests and political ambition,” it further said.

Students of Allahabad University have been protesting for several days, claiming that their fees have nearly tripled.

In a letter, they said a 300% fee hike has been implemented unethically by the university administration, due to which many students would be deprived of education.

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