Defence Research and Development Organisation( DRDO) successfully flight- tested Abhyas, which is a high- speed expendable aerial target( HEAT). This was flight- tested from Integrated Test Range( ITR) in Chandipur, off the Bay of Bengal coastline in Odisha.


  • Abhyas has been designed and developed by Aeronautical Development Establishment( ADE), of DRDO.
  • The test demonstrated the performance at low altitude including sustained level & high manoeuvrability.
  • It has been designed for autonomous flying with the help of an autopilot system onboard.
  • It’s powered by a small gas turbine engine to sustain a long endurance flight at high subsonic speed.
  • It’s equipped withMicro-Electromechanical Systems-( MEMS) grounded Inertial Navigation System along with the flight control computer for guidance and control.
  • Abhyas system is equipped with radar cross-section( RCS) and infrared signatures which can be used to simulate aircrafts for the practice ofanti-aircraft warfare and also for the testing designed to aim aerial targets.

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