The pressure of preparing for CLAT to enter a top National Law University can be overwhelming. But you cannot have sleepless nights worried about the outcome. It is better to try to work out what is in your control and let all the other things fall in place as they are supposed to. The only thing you need to keep in focus is your preparation for the exam.

Certain mistakes are common by a large group of aspirants while preparing for CLAT, which must be avoided. The mistakes that can be avoided are shared by Amitendra Kumar, Product Head – Under Graduate Programmes, Career Launcher.

Comparison with others: The biggest mistake an aspirant might commit while preparing for CLAT is to become obsessive about what others are doing. As a result, one starts comparing oneself with others. One must avoid the same. One must appreciate the progress one has made, instead of looking at the other way round. When one compares oneself with others, one tends to lose focus eventually. While comparison is good, don’t forget everyone has different capabilities, learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses. Work to your strength instead of others.

Too many resources: In today’s world, it is imperative to get carried away with the plethora of content available across. Moreover, the obsession to have everything is there from childhood. Most students tend to collect multiple resources with the fear of losing out some important content or question. However, gradually this creates anxiety as one is not able to focus on any of the resources. Avoid this. Have one good resource you trust or the one which successful candidates from the previous years recommend.

Not practicing enough: Practice leads to perfection. However, most of us forget this. For an exam like CLAT, which is a test of your reasoning skills, practice is the key. It is important that you put yourself to maximum practice and most importantly in a timed environment. One must take mock tests on a regular basis and analyze performance every time. Look for the weak links in your prep and take corrective measures to avoid the same in the actual exam.

Not having a timetable: Studying without a plan will yield no result. Most students tend to neglect the time plan. This only leads to anxiety and fear at a later stage, especially when you must focus on your class XII board exams alongside. With CLAT scheduled around the pre-boards, the pressure will be evident. But a structured timetable will help overcome this problem. Have a daily plan and follow it to the core.

Lack of self-belief: Quite a few students lose confidence as the exam approaches and start looking to prepare for next edition of the exam. One should not lose the battle without fighting it. The self-confidence at every stage is important. Remember, everyone out there has similar issues. How you deal with them is what segregates you from the crowd. Stand out, have the belief in yourself.

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